Tuesday 17 July 2007

I've been tagged

With my recent distractions I haven't keptup with my fav blogs so have only now noticed that Baino tagged me - first ever!!
So 8 things you didn't know about me:
1. I'm crap at being a girl, although I do try to express an interest in all things girly, I usually find it easier to communicate about real stuff as opposed to celeb gossip (I don't have a clue) or shoes(only mild interest).
2. I used to have an outey, then I grew outey and now it's an inny.
3. I'm one of the messiest people on the planet, second only to my darling husband - we have stuff everywhere.
4. I really like cauliflower - I'd sit down and eat an entire plate of it. Yummy.
5. I adopt everything. Strange pets I've had include, Ernie the fly, Hoppity the hare, Sheila and Sean the snails (who used to live in the top drawer of my dressing table), and numerous beach crabs who all committed kamikaze down the kitchen drain, much to my parents delight.
6. When I was six I sent my glasses to India and never told anyone, the result - my eyes weren't corrected and I need glasses to this day (but hopefully someone in India has great eyesight now).
7. I'm left handed, and so's himself actually, so we have a lefthanded house (fight the power).
8.I'm a big wuss. I've been known to cry at episodes of Star Trek!

Well, I don't know who to tag, so anonymous reader, I tag you!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to meet another 'not so girlie' girl :) Girly girliness is way overrated.

I had an inny before I got a piercing, now it's a one-eyed frown.

I KNEW messy people were more interesting!

Baino said...

Cacky handers of the world unite! Shame that no-one can read my writing.