Tuesday 24 March 2009

yippee a poo...

Mammydiaries has whupped my ass into posting. Pregnancy laziness has been setting in……mmm couch and comfort food……
Anyhoo, for the updates:
The sleep plan is seriously working (or it may have nothing to do with our efforts at all, who knows). Crazypixie spent the entire night in her cot and himself and I spent it in our bed, oh the little pleasures…………..
As for operation pee-pee, we had a breakthrough there too. Well more like mummy managed to spot a poo in progress and got crazypixie onto the loo in time for the first performance. Well if anyone had seen me dancing around singing my new composition ‘poo-poo down the loo’ I’d surely have been locked up (did I mention my needing to get out more often?)
So, ‘tis all go here.
Was also at the gp today, the one who thinks I’m bonkers to be breastfeeding while pregnant, and all is well with the littlespud. Roll on the summer and baby chaos!!
Now must get my ass in gear tonight and do a bit of work on the new website……more of that anon.

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mammydiaries said...

Yay for POOS!!!!! And speaking of the gross stuff, lil did a fine one as she was dozing off so I had to take her out of her sleeping bag and back to the living room to change her. Sigh... Will we see you tomorrow at Jen's?