Tuesday 7 April 2009

Different the second time?

With the reality of having a second baby in two months time sinking in, my thoughts turned to a question I was asked recently. ‘What will you do differently this time?’
Don’t worry, I’m not going to analyse every parenting decision we’ve made over the past year. Well, I do that all the time but I’ll refrain from subjecting innocent blog browsers to my hypercritical self analysis.

There are a few obvious things though.

Firstly the birth……….
I don’t care if this baby wants to arrive two months late; I AM NOT BEING INDUCED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Let’s just say that it was not the most pleasant 24 hours of my life and leave it at that.
This time I plan on waking up one morning to find that I’ve slept through most of the first stage of labour, that contractions are five minutes apart and it’s time to go to the hospital. Like my birthing CD promises, gentle surges will help my cervix to open like a rosebud and my baby, who is the perfect size for my body by the way, will emerge gently. Through it all I will remain focused, calm and in control. Don’t argue with me, this is the way it will happen!

Secondly, I will accept more help…
I may have mentioned the control freak aspect of my personality before. I think this may have played no small part in my three bouts of mastitis as I tried to be all to my wonderful new daughter. I will remember my limitations, and those of himself, this time round and gratefully accept all offers of help (it’s my catholic upbringing making me sound contrite , I can’t help it).

Lastly, less obsessing……
Ok this whole control thing is becoming a major theme, but last time round I was so obsessed with just making sure my daughter survived (she was perfectly healthy) that I may have compromised the enjoyment a little. Now I know the extra crazy hormones (as opposed to the average crazy ones) will take over but I’m going to work at keeping things in perspective a little.

What do you know, I feel better already. Nothing like a good ole self therapy session into the anonymous void of the blogosphere.
We will not only cope but it will be a wonderful experience. And one thing I know for sure is that crazypixie will be a great big sister.


John Long said...

congrats on you're forthcoming baby mine and my wifes 2nd due in august. and ill be doing a few things different this time around 2

Irish Mammy said...

I know I should be thinking about the birth and your post reminded me of this. Note to self - take time to think about the birth. I was so in the clouds for no.1 this time around I hope I am more in control. Here's hoping ours will simply slip out in early June! Hey presto - a baby!

Claire said...

Just been reading through and your posts are so hilarious and so like my life! There must only be about a month between crazypixie and our Bubs who is one next month; and like you there are lots of wonderful things I've learned and lots I'll do differently next time! Also nice to know I'm not the only woman on the island of Ireland still breastfeeding a year on...well done and good luck with number two!