Wednesday 29 April 2009

From angel to diva.

We appear to have come to a whole new range of ways letting mummy know when she is not meeting expected levels of service.
Oh, yes, the tantrums have arrived. And there are no half measures here. Crazypixie now voices her disapproval at being offered the wrong piece of fruit or having her shoes put on by back arching, red faced, arm and leg thrashing screaming and if that isn’t proving effective she throws in some fake choking.
The first time this happened I thought she was having a seizure and acted accordingly. Bad idea, the ole positive reinforcement ensured that this will be part of our daily communication for the foreseeable future.
I understand that she’s trying to deal with a whole host of new emotions and so far this is her only way of coping with the frustrations of being thwarted. And it’s not as if she got her strong will from the ground, both himself and myself are the oldest in our families and are fairly opinionated and headstrong to boot. Oh, there’ll be fun when she hits her teens.
In the meantime tantrums have been restricted to home but we’re going to the supermarket this morning and I have a funny feeling I’m going to get my first taste of those disapproving looks from strangers.

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artyfeminist said...

We have also recently experience this mixed with a good deal of annoying whining :(