Wednesday 22 April 2009

We're done.......

At 13 ½ months my little girl is weaned. She hasn’t had a boobie feed since 7pm last Friday.

I must admit I have very mixed emotions about this. Part of me (lets call her Earthmum) is feeling the wrench of no longer having the same physical attachment to her offspring and is bursting into tears at every opportunity (not helped by the pregnancy hormones here). Another part (Foreveryoung) is dancing around the kitchen singing ‘my boobies are mine, mine, mine’ (to the tune of an old Michael Jackson song).
Earthmum was looking forward to the experience of tandem feeding and loving nursing her little darlings for as long as she could (probably calling a halt somewhere in their early teens).
Foreveryoung was feeling the toll of breastfeeding while seven months pregnant and wishing for two months of having purely decorative (if still monstrously large) boobs and getting more than three hours sleep at a time.
Ah, the conflicts of womanhood.

We hadn’t really planned to wean just yet even though for a while we had both been losing interest. In retrospect, I think my supply went about two weeks ago.
I had been hoping for night weaning so my exhausted pregnant self could catch up on some sleep. Last weekend himself settled her one night and my mum the next and she didn’t seem bothered or even look for a daytime feed (forgive the over justifications but I have a hyperactive guilt gland).
So it’s done…….
We’re finished…..
She’s growing up……
I’ll just have to deal with it…

Yesterday my GP, the doc who thinks I’m mad for breastfeeding during pregnancy and has serious issues around the whole tandem feeding thing, asked how the feeding was going.
‘Oh, fine,’ I replied……………..I don’t think I’ll give her the satisfaction just yet………


artyfeminist said...

Ah Jen - its bittersweet isn't it? A month on and I miss it but feel like the time was right for us!

Irish Mammy said...

I hope you get some good sleep before no.2 comes along!