Wednesday 1 July 2009

Awards, Puzzles and Naps....a good day.

By lunchtime today, 3 events of significance (well, in my little world anyway) had occurred…….

Firstly, I turned on my PC to find I had been given my first Blogger Award. Thank you Maternal Tales for the One Lovely Blog Award. I feel all warm and fuzzy and accepted!!

Then Crazypixie matched up all the animals in her puzzle (I’ve emailed Mensa).

And last but not least………

I had an hour and a half nap while both my girls slept. I will brag about it now as it may never happen again!

Yippee for today…..

And now it’s my turn to pass the One Lovely Blog Award on to five lovely blogs.
So here goes:
To my fellow mummy bloggers, campaigners, and recent mothers of two, Mammydiaries and Irish Mammy on the run, ladies you are great!
For her food inspiration and generally lovely blog Arty Feminist
To Mumunplugged and English Mum in Ireland, I really enjoy reading your lovely blogs.


Maternal Tales said...

Congrats on the award!! And well done CrazyPixie...such a clever girl! x

SandyCalico said...

Glad you've got so much to celebrate :-)
Loads of people told me to sleep when the baby sleeps. With baby number two this has happened twice in ten months (during the day anyway)! x

Claire said...

Hurrah! So glad you had a good day - sounds like a crazy, wonderful kind of chaos and I'm guessing it's a case of go with the flow or get swept away lol! And thank you very very much for the lovely award, I'm blushing :) Not sure about award etiquette though - am I supposed to pass it on?!

jen said...

Claire, I think you just nominate anyone you want ot pass it on to, let them know and mention who gave it to you.

Sandy, 5 hours is the average at night at the moment so any nap time during the day is welcome.

Maternal Tales, thanks again, you made my day.

English Mum said...

Why that's very decent of you - how nice! Bert sends big, grateful slurpy licks xxx

Irish Mammy said...

Thanks so much Jen for the award, am very chuffed!! Here's to looking forward to longer nap times and bigger bellies !!

jen said...

Well deserved ladies.

Irsih Mammy, for a moment I was wondering why you wanted a bigger belly.....but then I realised you meant our little darlings....I soo need more sleep....