Friday 17 July 2009

Me time.

Things I could (all the self help books say not to use ‘should’) do while the girls nap:

Wash nappies and clothes: it would only take a fraction of the usual time without my helper.
Prepare lunch and dinner: with nobody simultaneously emptying the cupboards and insisting on sampling everything.
Tidy up: without pausing for feeds or nappy changes.
Wash the dishes: while the contents of the bin remain safe from eager little hands.
Nap: in uninterrupted bliss.

Things I actually do while the girls nap:

Banter with himself on Skype chat
Check my email. It’s the only time in the day where I don’t have to battle crazypixie for control of the mouse.
Update my websites. It’s so much quicker typing with both hands and without a baby on my other shoulder.
Blog. By 10:30 there have usually been 1 or 2 blogworthy events.
Drink tea: slowly and without worrying about where to put it down.
Eat chocolate biccies: without having to share them.
Catch up on my favourite blogs. It’s almost like having an adult conversation.
See who’s up to what on Facebook. Hello outside world.

So…….we continue to live in chaos but I remain both sane and happy, and I retain the capacity to get enthusiastic about an afternoon of blowing bubbles, colouring, chasing cats, reading stories and doing housework ‘together’.

Now, if only they could co-ordinate their napping every day…..


SandyCalico said...

Good for you! I could never nap when the babies were napping. Good luck with getting them to sleep at the same time x

Danka said...

Good woman! I'm happy for you and that you find a time for yourself. It's a good thing.

JennyMac said...

What you "actually" do is fabulous! And I can totally relate.

Irish Mammy said...

Well done on maximising your time my list would be a bit more erratic! Sorry to hear about your reflux issues, hope it is getting better?

jen said...

Thanks ladies.

Sandy, I find it difficult to wind down from mummy mode to nap mode.

Danka, nearly there now, you must be so excited.

Jennymac, I reckon snaity is more important than cleanliness (to a point, obviously).

Irishmammy, it's not nearly as organised as it sounds. Reflux has sorted itself out though, thankfully.

Ferdinand said...

Adding a comment despite the address to 'Ladies' - I do remember this phase with the kids so well. Wonderful when they were awake and kicking, but when they were asleep, the sheer potential of that time for doing stuff... Your list is good.

jen said...

Hi ferdinand, thanks for visiting. Of course gents are welcome too............