Sunday 9 August 2009

Boobs, boobs,,,,

It’s been mostly about boobs this week.

Tinyelf has her first cold and so is a total boobie monster. The trick to sleeping which we discovered when crazypixie got her first cold is working a treat again. She lies on her side snuggled into me with her head on my arm to elevate it. When she gets congested I offer her the boob and this helps her to swallow the snot (gross, but effective). She gets sleep and isn’t distressed and I get a little bit of sleep too!!

Crazypixie has moved from saying ‘beeboo’ to ‘boobie’ and now directs me whenever tinyelf cries, ‘Baba boobie.’ Bizarrely she is better at telling when tinyelf is hungry than I am.

Later in the week I had the following conversation with my 6 ¾ year old neighbour who was ‘helping’ me by ‘babysitting’ crazypixie.

Me: I’m just going to feed tinyelf
Mr man: Again! She sure feeds a lot.
Me: Well, I just feed her when she’s hungry.
Mr man: Bottles are very handy.
Me: But I don’t have to worry about measuring, sterilising or anything.
Mr man: The thing about bottles is, if she doesn’t finish a bottle you can keep it til later.
Me: Well, I can even feed tinyelf when I’m asleep.
Mr man: That is handy. So she could start feeding and then you could fall asleep.
Me: Exactly.
Mr man: Wow, that’s very handy!!!

How sad am I?


Hot Cross Mum said...

Jeez - Mr Man seems to be very well informed about all this for his tender years. You sure he's telling you the truth about his age?!

JennyMac said...

Mr. Man is wise! And you are not one bit sad.

Saoirse said...

Hmmm, Mr Man understood the practicality of breastfeeding in no time, very well explained.

jothemama said...

Yay! Reeducate em young! Send MrMan to for more of the same!