Monday 31 August 2009

Mad hatters.

This week we’ll be mostly drinking tea.

My littlesis presented crazypixie with a beautiful wooden tea set at the weekend. I love it, it’s carved from sustainable wood, there are little cups and saucers, a teapot, sugar bowl and jug. There are also wooden sugar cubes, tea bags and spoons, all of which I’ve put away for now as I have had enough of medical emergencies for a while.

So we spent the morning tea partying. Well mummy got all nostalgic and enthusiastic (a scary combination)and starting pouring imaginary cups of tea for lambkin and bear, while crazypixie tried to figure out how the pieces of this new puzzle fit together. Eventually the pixie gave in and quickly got the hang of imaginary tea.

We soon discovered that the tea party game is even more fun when wearing silly hats. Yes, the beloved bag of hats was called into service and we all looked fabulously ridiculous (no photo, too busy playing). Oh I so need to get out more!

Then the postman arrived…..

…….with a huge box of tea!

What excellent timing.

A few weeks ago my favouritest tea company in the world (too much Pooh, I know) was offering free tea on Facebook. So, of course ,I signed up!!

And today the box arrived. In it were 9 types of teas and infusions.

I think I’ll have my big girl friends around for a tea party all of our own.

And maybe I’ll make them wear hats.


mammydiaries said...

A little pressie to brighten your day awaits you over at my blog!

artyfeminist said...

So cute, especially the hat idea. Must try that.