Friday 21 August 2009

Under House Arrest

It should come as no surprise to us really that our girls are strong willed. With parents like us what did we expect?

This week tinyelf has decided that she would rather not travel by car. She voices her opinion by turning red and screaming at the top of her lungs to such an extent that mummy has to throw on the hazards lights, stop in traffic and haul her out before she makes herself sick or has a seizure. This has happened 9 times (and on three separate trips) in the last two days and no amount of soothing, feeding, winding, changing or dangling of toys seems to make a blind bit of difference. She starts the journey quite happily but obviously runs out of patience about 5 minutes in. When she’s taken out of her seat she’s all smiles and cooing, as if to say, ‘that’s better……now don’t put me back in there.’
So our nine week old has us under house arrest!

And house arrest wouldn’t be all that bad if we were allowed to go around fully dressed, but no. Crazypixie has decided that ‘nuwees’ (nude in pixie speak) is the way to go. Any clothing with poppers is useless as she can get it off, ditto her grobag and pyjamas. And she can also remove her own nappy! Short of stitching the clothes onto her I’m not sure what I’ll do.
And she isn’t satisfied with being ‘nuwees’ alone. Oh no. This morning tinyelf was undressed as she fed and crazypixie insists on viewing mummy’s tummy and boobies at regular intervals.
The only clothes she seems to be happy wearing are scarves or bits of fabric that she drapes around herself and calls her ‘bwas’ (yes, you’ll remember, pixie speak for bra).

If my girls had their way we’d spend all day at home, nude. Ah well, maybe it’s not that bad………


amy said...

all day at home nude? sounds like a good day as long as its not cold lol!

I must say when pudding was tiny we were under house arrest too. even with my thorough planning she would always wake up as soon as we arrived somewhere and not settle,cry and only became quiet again when we came home. Enjoy your home time and send out the Mr lol! xxx

Saoirse said...

Sounds like great fun as long as CP doesn't demand that the over 2 age group of the family run around nuwee in the garden as well.... CP might get an interest in potty training if she wets herself (and your carpet, and floors and furniture...) a few (what seems like a million) times.
Does CP feed her dollies? Other then lifting up my T-short regularly to check if all is still there, that's what Tara does a lot, a real pro, doesn't flash any skin...

JennyMac said...


I have something for you! Please get your cocktail, your cocktail dress, and come over to the Awards party.

IrishMammy said...

Craxy Pixie should get together with my 2 year old he is only happy naked and........we rent a house with cream carpets!!!!!!!!!!
Hope the suspected fracture is ok?
Sorry haven't been on lately!

jen said...

Amy, I don't know how you manage with four out and about, you're great!
Saoirse, I've a whole post on that!
Jennymac, I have a little green number I'll try out for the occasion, thank you.
Irishmammy, you are a busy lady so I really appreciate any visits.