Tuesday 29 September 2009

The Big Wuss in the Face of Adversity Award Goes to Me

Saturday morning 9:00.

The kitchen.

Tinyelf is screaming to get out of stupid jumping contraption and to go for a nap.

Crazypixie is roaring with pain, blood is pouring from her mouth, her pyjamas are soaked in blood too and there is a puddle of it staining the tile grout.

Himself is hugging crazypixie and examining the wound while trying to talk calmly to tinyelf.

I'm lying on the floor, in just a towel, overcome by the sight of so much blood.

I was going to elaborate but let’s just leave it at that.

Suffice to say it all turned out ok in the end.

Thanks to Daddy.


JennyMac said...

oh no.....but glad there is a good ending. Poor kiddos and MOM!!!!

IrishMammy said...

Sounds awful, I will never forget my first really bloody experience with Junior blood pouring out if his mouth as he fell face down on an iron fire grate!! Your story brings back the horror. Hope you are all ok!!

Maternal Tales said...

Oh you poor thing. How horrible for you. Yes, blood is not a pleasant sight at all - especially not spewing from your own children. Good job Daddy was there. But I'm sure if he hadn't been, you would have coped!!! xx

Sandy Calico said...

I'm glad you were all okay on the end! I cut my finger yesterday and thought I was going to pass out! x

Jane said...

Oh my God! Poor little elf! I hope she (and you) are ok now.

We had a drama recently when The Girl (who is 6) came choking down the stairs saying she'd swallowed a 50p. Much coughing and blood and 999 later she said it was only a 5p. Thank God she hadn't inhaled it. She spent the whole week checking her poo more intensely than Gillian McKeith