Tuesday 19 June 2007

virgin blogger

I set up this blog a wee while ago but have found myself reticent to contribute anything. I figure it's time I just start writing and feck the perfectionism and paranoia.

My new blog coincides with my attempt at writing a novel (yes, I'm another one of those) so I'll probably use this to track my progress, frustrations and hopefully ultimate success.

A word of warning, I'm going to think of this as a venting facility and use it as such!!

I've begun my novel writing with an ending and I haven't quite figured out how I'll get to this ending but at least I'm writing. The main character and the topic I'm dealing with are not too far from my realm of experience so that should make it a little easier- or harder, I'll find out.

I've written quite a bit of stuff in the past but it's only recently that I'm beginning to find my own voice. The column I write for a local mag has really helped me with that, as have the various college essays I've had to produce in the last year. This whole mature student thing is great for streamlining my thought processes and making sense of the fuzziness.

Well, that's my first entry written - another milestone.

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Baino said...

Go girl and thanks for visiting, keep it up!