Thursday 5 July 2007

approach with caution

Being going through a real hormone rollercoaster lately, won’t bore you with the details (relief all round I hear), suffice to say I’ve had the attention span of a gold fish with a really short attention span, and I’ve been as irritable as a traffic warden in a hailstorm. A pleasure to be around, I’m sure.
Anyway, I just have to get on with things and that means choosing my college modules for next year. I’m debating between taking two or three -ah, the joys of mature studenting. Three will mean an increase in workload but a degree in less time. On the other hand my writing is now taking off, I’m actually getting articles published and writing poetry as well as the ole masterpiece. Well, I have another month or so to decide.

In the meantime it’s still pissing rain here. Hoping for a break in the weather tomorrow to take the boat out (ironic I know, but I’ve become a fair weather sailor). I hope the rain holds off for Elfenpants big day next week, I think we’ll have to invest in some bridal umbrellas just in case.

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