Thursday 5 July 2007

Butt love

Spent this morning at doctors surgery and out of desperate boredom ended up flicking through a ‘woman’s mag’. Leaving aside the glorification of those who could obviously do with a few good meals, and the scrutiny of Brad and Angelina’s latest spat, one of the letters jumped out at me. Well the letter was not as remarkable as the reply.
Some poor young one feeling insecure had written something to the effect ‘I’m twenty something and my bottom is beginning to sag, what should I do?’ The advice included two options, a bum lift or implants.
I'm sure the rest of the waiting room must have been amazed at the amount of steam that came out of my ears.
For god’s sake you do not need to get cut open just because you feel your butt is sagging. This is not a medical condition. If you’re really worried about said sagging butt try going for a walk three times a week.
Better still, love your own butt and the changes in your body as you grow older!!!
I think I'll do a chapter on butt love. I'm currently trying to extricate my heroine from a deadend argument over nothing which has been blown out of all proportion and she's not even sure how it started anyway. A little autobiographical maybe?


Baino said...

Ah yes, implants is going a bit far but believe me, as everything heads south towards 50, it's harder to maintain a healthy body image. Love my butt? um not really but we're old friends, we've been together a very long time!

Baino said...

Well that was a short bloglife!