Sunday 1 July 2007

feminist disturbance

I think all this feminist literature I’m delving into is having an impact.
Last night I found myself oddly disturbed while tuned into a new chat show. This chat show is fronted by one of our foremost female current affairs presenters. This is the woman who chaired the leaders’ debate in the lead up to the last election and she is the face of Ireland’s investigative current affairs programme. She also, I found out recently, has 8 kids – mucho respect for her energy.
What had me disturbed was seeing her, in a pretty cleavage revealing frock, four times as much make-up as usual, chatting inconsequently. I had to turn off – I felt betrayed.
Why? I’m still trying to figure out. I’m not sure if that’s I feel she is capitulating to how (male dominated) society prefers women to be perceived. Or is it because her costume for this production emphasises the need for women to disguise themselves, to dress for the part when a male journalist can do the same job in a suit with no need to worry about how his image will be perceived.
While I understand, that like the rest of us women, she is a multidimensional character with ,no doubt, many inconsistencies, and that this is perfectly ok, I feel as a role model she has slipped.
Many it's my inner angst being projected here but this a tough world in which to be a successful woman and when a strong intelligent woman opens herself up to being judged on her image before her brains, we all lose.
Ah, my head hurts.

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