Tuesday 26 June 2007


Spent this morning adventuring with a 4 year old I occasionally borrow. We went too our favourite spot - the forest. Armed with Dora backpack, picnic and raincoats (ah, summer in Ireland)we went exploring. He is now 4 1/2 and as he was only four the on our last expedition we could do considerably more this time. He climbed his first tree, scrambled over rocks to get down to the beach and slid down the cliff path to the car park on his own. As usual I returned him covered in a layer of muck and suitably tired. I'm noticing however that the older he gets the less tired he becomes and the more tired I get.
He's been hinting at a sleep over in my house for quite a while now so I'll have to start preparing the hubby for a night of making camps from the sitting room furniture, exploring the garden by torch light and examining interesting bugs, and of course something for the kid to do!

At 6,500 words and came up with an interesting sub plot over the weekend that I'll have to figure out how to work in.

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Baino said...

Ah be careful Jen. The beauty of other people's children is that you can always give them back . . .stay away from sleepovers unless you don't really value your kip or your privacy . . they always end up in your bed!