Thursday 19 March 2009


We’re slightly less sleepy today. Not the resounding success I’d hoped for (ah the innocent enthusiasm of the first time parent) but a good night nonetheless.
The afternoon nap didn’t go quite as planned. Attempts were interrupted by a poo and after 4 mins of the human soother there was nothing for it but into the car again. Now for crazypixie to fall asleep in the car we need a bit of open road so we can the speed up, so today wasn’t the day to get caught in a funeral, or behind a tractor. As I’d glance back to look for the tell tale sleepy eyelids all I could see was a determined little miss trying to figure out how to get her socks back on…..She feel asleep – eventually, and I caught a few minutes shut eye in my drive (the neighbours already think we’re nuts).
So all was relatively on track until after dinner when I went to grab a quick shower while himself looked after his darling daughter. Now you would think just before bedtime might not be the best time for playing drums, building camps and jumping around to the smurfs theme tune. My husband is a very intelligent man but sometimes I could just cry…..
This was followed by the now really wound up crazypixie running laps of the bath and pouncing on duckies. Then there was pyjama wrestling, book frisbie and, my favourite, another forty minutes of the human soother.
Eventually I came down stairs and told himself he could wind her down. Half an hour later himself was very contrite and poor crazypixie was crying with tiredness. So I settled her down – two hours later than ‘the plan’ and with mummy quite close to tears at this stage.
Himself took the 11 to 4 shift again and apparently had no worries settling her quickly the few times she woke (so the poor man won’t fall asleep at his desk again today). I took over gave her a feed, the first since eight thirty I might add and she pretty much nodded off until seven when I got pounced on.
So off we go again today; same plan, but a little less bleary eyed implementing it………….

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mammydiaries said...

ssshhhhh! I'm not going to say it too loudly but "well done!" Our house is getting more sleep as well as my lovely little one stayed asleep from 900 until 6!!!!! Yay!!! Here's to scheming mamas:)