Friday 27 March 2009

warning:serious moany bitch

We are not having a very auspicious start to the day.

I went to bed early last night as I had stomach cramps and indigestion and was just exhausted. The aforementioned symptoms may have been a result of the litre and a half of grapefruit juice I drank yesterday in one of my more misguided pregnancy craving moments (mm, mental note to self…….).Then poor crazypixie, the teething monster, went on a boob binge from 2 til 6.

This morning I arrived down to a manky kitchen, and himself all apologetic. I hung out the nappies and put on a wash only then to discover that my wedding and engagement rings were no longer on my hand (they have been very loose of late). Cue tears, followed by himself using his powers of deduction to work out that they were in the washing machine and then successfully retrieving them from a soapy heap of wet clothes.

Crazypixie has been demented with teething pain (four molars on the way), has a snotty nose (the one that usually augers a really decent cold) and was due to get her MMR today. We put that off for another day after she vomited up her breakfast (all over the cream carpet, need I add).

It was then time to call in the troops. Wonderful sis, elfenpants, arrived to hold baby as I cleaned up the vomit. While knee deep in pre-digested porridge and sultanas I got two phone calls, one that a friend of my parents had passed away and the other that my 34 week pregnant friend is in hospital being monitored for pre-eclampsia.

Ah well at least it’s not raining……………………..

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