Wednesday 1 April 2009

sleep deprived drivel

I need a sleep fix. Right now.

I’ve taken on the demeanour of a serious addict, my black ringed eyes look about furtively for places I could just catch a few minutes and I’m eyeing strangers wondering if I could leave my daughter with them for just an hour or so. I’ve tried calling in the family but obviously I’m failing to get across the seriousness of the situation and ,inconveniently, they seem to have their own lives.
I’ve tried just closing the bedroom door and leaving the crazypixie run riot in there as I doze, but the attraction of jumping on a sleeping mummy or exploring her nose has proved too much for my darling daughter and severely hampered sleep attempts.
I’ve been tempted to try the ‘drive til she sleeps’ trick and then catch some kip myself in a quiet carpark, but I don’t think I’d be safe driving today, and honestly someone could kidnap the poor child from the back of the car and I’d probably snore through the experience..
I’m not even beginning to let my mind venture to what I’ll do when we also have a newborn in June, but at this rate the crazypixie should have a full set of teeth by then (ah, is that sleep deprived optimism I hear talking?)

I swear, if himself comes home from work complaining about being tired………..


artyfeminist said...

maybe you could try that old trick of painting eyes on your eyelids so crazypixie thinks you are awake? I have also had the pleasure of someone exploring my nasal cavity while sleeping... not fun.

Alex&Chris said...

If you need me to drive you both around in the car let me know! My pixie has slept for 10mins since point in getting her to nap now and hubby isnt home til 7.....