Monday 13 April 2009

Just myself and himself........

Just had the loveliest afternoon with himself. With the recent run of sleepless nights and erratic pregnancy moods we hadn’t been getting much quality time together (hate this overused phrase but chilled out brain won’t let me come up with a better one). So we approached it as we always do; we came up with a plan.

Part A involved getting an afternoon together this weekend. Doting grandparents were brought on board, briefed and charged with the care of crazypixie for 5 whole hours!!
So we dropped her off, sat in the car, looked at each other and asked the inevitable ’what do we do now?’
We decided to head for a forest walk followed by lunch. Birds were nesting, primroses were peeping up in little pockets in the undergrowth, it was enough to bring a tear to my over emotional eyes. We held hands and just enjoyed being together.
We followed this with a walk on the beach, eating ice-cream in the sunshine. One of us would comment every now and then, ‘wouldn’t crazypixie love this?’
After all this we still had two hours left, so nothing for it but home to bed for a bit of loving.

What a wonderful afternoon, and crazypixie didn’t miss us a bit. I haven’t been this chilled in months.

And Plan part B is happening next weekend. We’ve enlisted doting grandparents help again and this time they’re taking over our parental responsibilities for a whole night. We’ve booked ourselves into a hotel, and are looking forward to dinner in the restaurant, a full nights sleep and breakfast and newspapers in bed.

With littlespud due in under 2 months it’ll be a while before we get this opportunity again; but we’re already planning for October………….

Thanks mum and dad………


mammydiaries said...

Thanks for the Lovin' mom and dad! lol

Irish Mammy said...

Thank God for grandparents now I need to hatch a plan to move them within driving distance of my home!! Enjoy it as much as you can xxx

Irish Mammy said...

Hi Jen

Me again, you have just been tagged as part of an experiment, don't worry nothing sinister see -

All the best