Tuesday 14 April 2009

Loving being a mummy.....

I've been tagged by Irish Mammy on the run so here goes:

Five things I love about being a mother
(off the top of my head, and in no particular order...)

The chaos
Finding shoes in the food cupboards, duckies in the toilet, tomato puree in the toybox, little socks scattered everywhere…..I love it! At 13 months old she’s taken over every corner of the house and our hearts.

Watching my daughter and my husband interact
It is the most heartwarming sight, and makes me love each of them even more. He does bath with her every evening, and I love to see them laugh together and enjoy each others company.

Knowing my pixie
I have the privilege of being the person who sees this little girl grow and develop day by day. There is nobody who gets to know her quite like her mummy.

My motherly body
I feel so different about my body and my womanhood now that I’ve given birth and that I’m nursing my child. It all feels right somehow.

It’s not about me anymore
I love the feeling of looking after someone else, of being so much more than myself – being mummy.


Irish Mammy said...

Excellent post!! Thanks for the follow up :-)

artyfeminist said...

I had chaos way before my little one was ever on the scene. Now she provides a cover for my inner messy child. Its a great excuse.

jen said...

Ah yes, there's no end of things you can blame on the pint sized innocents!

Danka said...

Lovely words. Everything is ahead of me.. I guess.
Can I add your blog to my blog list?

jen said...

Oh course Danka, and I'll do likewise........