Sunday 10 May 2009

Aaaarr, me hearties....

I think I may be suffering from exhaustion but I’ve found a great way of keeping myself amused (in all the spare time I have, you understand).

On Facebook, I’ve changed my language setting to English (Pirate) and I swear I’m knotted laughing every time I get a notification from them. Firstly they all come with the subject from ‘Ye olde Facebook’ and then instead of ‘To view this link’, I get
‘T' spy on all th' parrots scrabblin' at th' door, stab the link below:’

Instead of hitting ‘Share’ to update the world, I now ‘Divvy spoils to all my mateys.’
My ‘inbox’ is now is now my ‘Bottle o’ messages’, videos are ‘bewitched portraits’, I’m ‘anchored’ to himself, I last updated ’50 shots of rum ago’ and to sign out I click ‘abandon ship’.

Oh, how easily amused am I?

1 comment:

artyfeminist said...

I'll start worrying when you fly a skull and crossbones flag from your roof.