Tuesday 12 May 2009

An unexpectedly good day.

We had a rough night last night – crazypixie had the snuffles and was very restless, so needless to say I was not the most cheerful this morning and was probably even crankier than my beloved offspring at breakfast.

So with the prospect of a day with an irate me not coping very well with my demanding daughter looming large I settled at my computer to have a quick moan into the blogosphere.
I had tapped out a few lines when crazypixie decided that this would not be a morning where she would happily play away while mummy typed. Sighing, I looked around for something to keep us occupied at 8 o'clock in the morning and then looked out and saw it was a beautiful day.

The computer was abandoned, fleeces and shoes hurriedly pulled on and into the back garden we went. Crazypixie forgot all about her miserableness and happily started doing laps of the garden, only pausing for plant tasting and trying to find good stuff in the compost. I found a comfy chair in a sunny spot and really relaxed – a huge achievement for me. After a while we did a bit of gardening and then crazypixie kept herself amused for ages doing ‘boo’ in the cat flap at our rather bewildered felines.

And the day got even better in the afternoon when we decamped to mammydiaries garden and crazypixie and the snotqueen happily played in the grass while us two eight month pregnant ladies sipped non-alcoholic wine from champagne flutes in the sunshine.

The only minor hitch in the day was when the aforementioned eight month pregnant ladies and two toddlers managed to lock themselves out. But enter helpful neighbours who prevented toddlers being thrown over the side gate and given directions to come rescue mummy.

Roll on more summer days.....

1 comment:

artyfeminist said...

ha ha... that is what you two get for drinking non-alcoholic wine... :)

Seriously though, sounds like a great way to spend the day. Bet the girls loved playing outside together.