Saturday 16 May 2009

Getting three on the road.

I’m wondering how it’s all going to work when the littlespud arrives – only four weeks to go now. The logistics of getting myself and crazypixie out the door is one thing, adding another baba to the mix should be fun!

We’ve decided not to purchase a double buggy for the moment. From my vague recollection of the early days with crazy pixie, she spent most of the time either asleep or attached to my boob, so I’ve treated myself to a new sling – a stretchy wrap this time. I can’t believe I’m getting excited about it, but there you go. We already have two ring slings, a mei tai and a structured carrier (with loads of buckles and straps) that himself uses. I still carry crazypixie in the ringsling at 8 months pregnant (is there a baby carriers anonymous?) and otherwise she travels by trike, or as fast as her little legs will carry her in the opposite direction from mummy’s preferred destination!

I haven’t quite figured the logistics of slinging two yet…..

So the trick will be keeping crazypixie within a two foot radius of me when out shopping. She’s quite happy in a shopping trolley for short periods of time, but how long this will last I don’t know. I’m debating getting one of those leads/harness thingies but I can just see it leading to more tears than anything. Mmmm, maybe one of those little bracelets they use for placing people under house arrest (like you see on telly), a little jolt of electricity when she strays too far should soon teach her!

The more I’ve thought about it the more I’ve realised that either staying home and having friends over, or visiting friends and family will be the way to go. It won’t be fair to confine my lil lunatic to a buggy just so mummy can wander around clothes shopping. Ok, this may be necessary every so often but I’m definitely going to curb my excursions.
Luckily my lil sis will have a baba in a few days and lives up the road so we can hang out together and my mum isn’t far and will happily play with crazypixie for hours on end. Methinks it may be time to slow life down a little and just enjoy.

And, there's always online shopping....


Irish Mammy said...

Hi Jen
Lovely post, you are lucky your no.2 will have a cousin nearby. I am sure Crazypixie will entertain baby (at least that is what I am hoping with Junior). Mammy Diaries, yourself and myself should share secrets of how to gain 2 minutes of a shower in the morning, what are the best online shops and how to occupy 2 at the same time.

Best of luck in the coming weeks, may the baby be quick to exit, quick to sleep and quick to burp!

mammydiaries said...

How to gain two minutes of a shower: Leave all pride at the door. Allow small one to open curtain and watch mommy shower. Ignore puddles growing on floor. Regularly yell "PEEK A BOO!!!" when she pops her head in or conversely when they go too near the toilet which you've accidentally left open, right next to the tooth brushes...

jen said...

And that's just with one! I'm wondering whether I could park the pram in the ensuite....I'll probably wait for himself to get home and have a blissfully quiet shower.