Monday 18 May 2009

Scoobidy doo, i want to be like youoooo....

Crazypixie is proving herself a great mimic. While we were visiting my lil sis and hubby at the weekend, they were in knots of laughter as she bent down to pick something up.
What, I asked.
Hadn’t I noticed she was grunting and sighing?
Apparently every time she bent down, went to pick something up or even lowered herself to sitting, she was grunting……….like a pregnant woman!
And later that day she followed sis hubby around the house doing a perfect impression in miniature of his walk, hands behind the back, long stride, much to our collective amusement.

So, I’m realising that, yes, we parents have a huge influence on this little persons behaviours and attitudes (oh, the weight of parenthood) and, who’d have thought it, I’m now a role model (methinks mummy’s crazy 20’s will have to become a family secret and never be mentioned!)

However, please note that crazypixies tendency to run around the house naked clutching only her green handbag did not come from me, nor did her penchant for parading in front of the mirror wrapped up in my ‘special occasion’ silk negligee. No, I’ll lay claim only to those traits that reflect well on me!


mammydiaries said...

hee hee! Love it and can totally empathise. Lil learned to walk by watching a heavily pregnant woman, and now has a lovely waddle goingP:)

Alex&Chris said...

seriously she was dressed in your negligee??!are you sure you weren't at kashi's party??!! Perhaps mammydiaries picked you up something nice!
I know where she picked up the naked wanderings....too much time with snotqueen!!!