Tuesday 2 June 2009

From Mummy to Littlespud.

We are all ready to meet you. Your mummy wants to hold you in her arms, cuddle you, nurse you, gaze on you with wonder and of course respond to your every demand.
Your dada wants tell you how much he loves you, to snuggle you in his strong embrace and is all set for midnight nappy changes.
Your big sister has an endless supply of kisses for you. She’s ready to rock you enthusiastically and feed you all kinds of goodies when mummy’s not looking.
You have four doting grandparents who can’t wait for a cuddle and aunties and uncles ready to shower you with love. Your brand new little cousin is looking forward snuggling with you too.
These past nine months have been wonderful, feeling you grow and begin to move and wriggle. But it must be getting quite cramped in there now. Every time you stretch your legs that’s mummy’s stomach and ribs that are getting in your way. And mummy’s pelvis is that hard thing you butt your head against as you stretch your arms into mummy’s lower intestine and playfully punch her in the cervix.
There is much more room out here and we are all so looking forward to meeting you. This week would be lovely, today even, but preferably before your uncles wedding next week.
See you soon my little love,


Anonymous said...

I second that! come out little person so that mom & dad can make both wedding days. N

Alex&Chris said...

Beautiful. And don't forget the Rollercoaster mummies and wobblers waiting to meet littlespud! xo

Irish Mammy said...

Mammy's diaries seems to be on the way exciting -- little spud sounds more descended that my little one...best of luck!!