Saturday 20 June 2009

Is that you mummy?

Crazypixie spent this morning pulling my top up and down, presumably trying to figure out where mummy’s sizable tummy has gone and what on earth has happened to mummy’s boobs.

Yes, I am now the proud owner of a pair of 40FF’s that I need a wheelbarrow to cart around. My milk has come in and the tinyelf and I are trying to adjust (think mouse trying to feed from geezer).

In the meantime my heart is breaking for my crazypixie (not helped by postpartum hormones) as I see her trying to figure out what’s going on. She alternates between kissing ‘baba’ to trying to pull baba off mummy. As we get her involved and try to show her what’s going on she is dealing it with it in her own 15 month old way. She’s climbing up to the pram to take a look and see our reactions and pointing out ‘baba’ to every guest . She’s also been very busy changing and winding her dolly, and only occasionally throwing dolly across the room.

We’re very lucky to have great family support and my in-laws have moved in for a few days to help (this is a good thing) so at least crazypixie is getting loads of attention and distraction.

Nonetheless, crazypixie is my baby and I’m finding it a little difficult to adjust too! I’m trying to make as much time as I can for just her but my darling tinyelf is quite demanding as she tries to train mummy and daddy in her ways.

I know we’ll find our balance and we’ll be just fine and crazypixie will soon come to accept tinyelf as part of our family and by this time next year my girls should be the best of buddies and gleefully wreaking havoc together.


SandyCalico said...

Hi Jen, I have a similar age gap with my babies (12 months). The one piece of advice we were given that we found really useful is to sort out the older one first. For instance if they're both crying you can usually comfort the older one quickly, then see to the baby. Hope this helps. Good luck :-)

jen said...

Thanks Sandy...those sound like words of wisdom!