Thursday 18 June 2009

The birth…..

Okay, here it is……the highlights…gory bits omitted…and names changed to protect the innocent.

Monday am….saw doc, had a check, things looking ‘favourable’, doc did a bit of what himself describes as ‘jiggery-pokery.’
Monday lunch time…mild contractions start. Spend most of Monday walking the streets while mum minds crazypixie.
5am Tue….contractions strong enough that I can’t sleep through them.
5:30…….himself and myself have a cup of tea in the garden and between contractions enjoy the early morning sunshine and decide that today is a lovely day for a birth.
6:30….off to hospital. Therein follows a few hours of increasing contractions which I dealt with in my own unique way by trying to remember the mantras from my gentlebirth programme (which I never did get finished) and sampling the miracles of modern pain relief (the same as last time, I started off refusing everything and by the end would probably have gratefully taken heroin – big wuss that I am).
Fast forward through my martyrdom…………(must mention how wonderful himself was…..and how he knew just when to shut up)..
15:40. Pushing begins. Lovely midwife explains about pushing 3 times on each contraction and that when she sees head begin to crown, she’ll ask me to pant to slow things down.
15:45…contraction (or surge in gentlebirth lingo – I remembered that)…one push….midwife shouts ‘pant, pant, pant’…..little head is out already.
15:50….one more contraction and she’s fully out! Like a bar of soap (and no stitches for mummy)!

Then follows a lovely quiet time as she lies on my tummy and we all just pause and wait 5 mins for the chord to stop pulsing. Himself cuts the chord and she snuggles in for a long feed.

It was a lovely day and we’re home now since Wednesday lunch time. Crazypixie has been busy kissing her new ‘baba’, if anything we may have to curb her enthusiasm slightly. Our newly extended family is busy getting to know each other.

Welcome home our tinyelf.


mammydiaries said...

Congratulations to you all and welcome tinyelf:) We've also had to reign in the snot queen's enthusiasm when it comes to "playing" with the new baby:) Can't wait to see you all! xox

Alex&Chris said...

was lovely to meet littlespud and watch crazypixie being "gentle". You have a lovely calm presence in the house and himself is playing a blinder! Well done you!

Claire said...

Wow jen, sounds like you had a wonderful experience! Welcome tinyelf, and congratulations x

artyfeminist said...

Jen congrats on tinyelf! Delighted to her she has arrived safe and sound.

amy said...

congratulations! glad it went well for you! xx

Mick said...

Wow. Congratulations! And welcome babyelf!

Maternal Tales said...

Ooh huge congrats Jen - was wondering whenit was going to happen!!! And you didn't mention any pain - must have been a good one!! So pleased for you. Enjoy xxx

jen said...

Thanks for all the good wishes. Yes it was bloody sore and there was a bit of indignity involved but why dwell on that??

Danka said...

Congrats to mommmy! Well done and welcome greetings to tinyelf! How are you?

jen said...

I'm doing just fine Danka, not long for you now - there is a real blogger baby boom going on!!