Thursday 9 July 2009

Can’t you take a hint mummy?

A friend called over this afternoon with her tiny person and as we sat there chatting I began to wonder what crazypixie was up to out in the hall. A quick peek around the corner revealed the results of her labours.
In the middle of the floor were: my sandals, her sandals and her jacket that she had managed to extricate from the bucket of freshly washed clothes.
Crazypixie herself was sitting on her bike, which was parked at the front door and attempting to tie the straps around her waist.

Do you reckon she was trying to tell me something?


JennyMac said... cute! Did it work?

jen said...

The poor neglected child had to wait for Daddy to come home!

Alex&Chris said...

ah bless the poor neglected child!!!
She may not be able to converse in proper language but actions speak louder than words!!
I'll have to bring mini-continent (geddit??!!) over with her trike and we can go for a ramble...

SandyCalico said...

Bless her, who needs words?!