Tuesday 7 July 2009

Thank you for the days.....

Dare I say it but things seem to have settled down here. Crazypixie is teething; canine no.1 has just cut through, but is dealing with it superbly. These are the first teeth that have cut through since she weaned so it is considerably easier on mummy too.
Tinyelf is now 3 weeks old and it seems as if she’s been around a lot longer. Her sister showers her with kisses daily and when tinyelf cries, crazypixie admonishes me, ‘Mummy (we’ve progressed from Mama), row, row…’ Meaning, sing ‘row, row, your boat.’ Mind you, ten minutes later tinyelf is often jolted awake by crazypixie shouting ‘boo!’ into the pram……..
Our days are on the whole very enjoyable. We don’t go that many places: we’ve made a trip to the doctor for checkups and vaccinations and we’ve recommenced our weekly trip to the farmers market for some decent food. We also make the odd visit to friends and family but otherwise they have all been coming to us.

Once crazypixie is in bed, you’d think things would be even calmer…but, oh no.
Tinyelf, like her sister at that age, has a witching hour (more like 2 to 3 hours). This involves general restlessness and crying and the ritual dousing of mummy. Over the last three nights, I’ve been pooed on once and puked on twice. And we’re not talking spit up here, but the type that requires both mummy and tinyelf to strip down completely (much to himself’s glee) and be power-hosed. All I can say is, I don’t know how the parents of colicky babies cope……10 mins of crying and we’re all at our wits end here.
I’m currently cutting dairy out of my diet to see if that has an effect of tinyelf’s windiness but it may also be due to the drops she’s on for thrush, or a myriad other reasons and we may never know………….. ah the joys of it all.

So my final thought for today:

Sometimes being a parent means having to scoop poo from your cleavage………


JennyMac said...

haha! That last line cracked me UP.

artyfeminist said...

Sounds like you and Irish mammy are having fun with your fair share of abject substances.

SandyCalico said...

People say 'babies just cry'. Not sure I agree. My youngest had reflux and screamed a lot. Saw a paediatrician who prescribed Gaviscon. The crying stopped.
Hope Tinyelf is OK.
I could not have coped with colic!
Love the last line, so funny!

Katherine said...

Ahhh happy days ;-). My #3 seemed to poo and vomit much more than the other two, he was quite windy but diet is worth investigating. Colic is the pits (never experienced it but have close friends who have) Have you tried Colief? It's a bit of a faff when you're breast feeding but worth it

jen said...

Thanks for the advice ladies. PHN did recommend gaviscon for reflux but it seems to be more a wind issue. Thankfully we're nowhere near bad enough to need colief.

Anyhoo, I'm going to try keeping her upright in the sling more in the evenings and see if that helps.We had a pretty good night last night, so fingers crossed.