Friday 24 July 2009

Thank you and Helloooo

Firstly thank you Sandy at Baby baby for the Meme award, I’ll compile my list and pass it on soon….

In the meantime, for your entertainment and to give my grown up girls an insight into their parents juvenile humour………an extract from a Skype chat between myself and himself while the girls were napping.

It’s just cut and pasted, I couldn’t be arsed adding punctuation.

Himself: hi
Me: poor crazypixie is napping but very restless that bottom molar about to appear
Himself: molar: her 2nd molars
Me: canine...i need sleep
Himself: fffwww
Himself: feeww
Himself: or something like that
Me: phew? or not enough?
Himself: that'll do to
Me: poo maybe?
Himself: no: I'm fine thanks
Me: (smiley face)
Himself: to think, in 5 years they'll all fall out: teeth not poo
Himself: maybe I do need to go
Me: another quiet day at the office?
Himself: no, up the walls, just taking a minute out to chat to you!
Me: ah, nothing like five minutes to chat about teeth and poo
Himself: reminds me of a south park episode (smiley face vomiting)
Me: not the one where where they eat..........
Himself: ....through their....and.....through their
Me: eeewwwww
Himself: right, on that note best do some work
Me: (smiley face blowing a kiss)
Himself: (smiley face blushing)


SandyCalico said...

I wish the conversations I have with my OH were as coherent!!

miss leslieanne said...

Aww, I hope me & my man are still having silly random conversations when our little dude is bigger :)