Wednesday 29 July 2009


Here’s a snapshot for my girls to look back on:

Tinyelf, at 6 weeks old;
You are growing and developing by the day and we are constantly amazed by your new feats.
You can now smile and you chat to us in your cooing language.
You are very alert and like looking at peoples faces,.
You love your sleep, like your dada, and love to snuggle up next to your mama and hold on while nodding off.
You are very patient with the enthusiastic attentions of your big sister. But when you’re tired, hungry or bored, boy can you scream!!!

We love you, you tiny little snugly elf………

Crazypixie, at 16 ½ months old:
Your new thing is spinning around in circles until you’re dizzy and then falling on your bum. This is your dancing!!
Your favourite book is your birdie book, A Bird Identification Guide, which we frequently have to sellotape back together.
You like to figure things out. You can now almost get your shoes on yourself. Well, you can get the right one on and closed but you haven’t quite got the left one yet.
You climb on all the furniture and instead of sitting in the bath you run back and forth.
You love playing outside and being nude. You would probably explode with excitement if we left you run around nude outside!
Every evening when Daddy comes home from work you squeal ‘Daddy’ and run to the door.
You have new words every day, and are starting to say little sentences, ‘bye, bye baba’ and ‘in bin’.
Your favourite toys are your Bear (‘B’), dolly (‘Baba’) and plastic cow (‘Moo’).
You are a great big sister, you insist on trying to hold tinyelf on your lap and read books to her. Sometimes mummy has to curb your enthusiasm as you try to drag her around by the arm.

We love you, you determined little pixie…..


miss leslieanne said...

Aww, such a lovely post :)

I have to remember to do some of these for the little dude :)

SandyCalico said...

That's so lovely :-)

mammydiaries said...

Oh Jen, that's lovely:) Good to see you guys the other day, even if I was off my rocker with tiredness! :)

JennyMac said... precious Jen. And I love CrazyPixie's dancing. :)