Friday 31 July 2009

Rainy day

Three girls, a day to ourselves, and pouring rain outside. Oh, what to do.
Let’s have a……

Spa Day!

Now bear in mind that two of the aforementioned girls have a combined age of 1 ½ so we had to be creative.

Firstly, to get in the mood, pink nappies all round (with the obvious exception of mummy's ample bum).


Crazypixie had:
Pedicure and manicure, although she insisted on having the moisturiser applied to her elbows and knees.
Warm oil head massage. No more embarrassing cradle cap!
Yoghurt facial. Granted, this was supposed to be lunch.

Tinyelf had:
Pedicure and manicure. She obviously found it relaxing as she slept through it.
Then she chilled in the massage chair for the rest of the afternoon.

Mummy had:
A pixie massage. Unfortunately it preceded Crazypixie’s manicure and the jury is still out on the benefits of pinch therapy.

More rain tomorrow. I wonder are they too young for Bridget Jones Diary and maltesers.


mammydiaries said...

mmm... maltesers... They're on sale 2 for 1 on the big bags at supervalu right now:)

JennyMac said...

hahaha...Pinch therapy made me laugh and its not effective when I am getting it. Hope the girls are doing great. Have a fab weekend.

twinsouls888 said...

cute blog & you got a meme award too,congratz ^_^ I followed you.

Mick said...

I think they might be a bit young for Jones, bring on the Maltesers though :-) yum

Freelance Mam said...

This is hilarious!!!!! Laughed out loud.

jen said...

freelance mum, there's a problem on your site, I can't post a comment.