Wednesday 5 August 2009

Tandem Feeding

Yesterday I tandem breastfed for the first time. It wasn’t planned and was quite a surprising development.

Crazypixie had weaned three months ago and had shown no interest in what lay beneath mummies bra (‘bwa’ in pixie speak) until tinyelf began spending her days attached to the ‘beeboos’.
When tinyelf feeds, crazypixie wants to be involved to, ‘beeboo’ she points excitedly and I nod, yes, ‘boobie.’ ‘Bwa’ she exclaims as she pulls down the cup on my elf free boob. Then begins a weird kind of peekaboo game with beeboo and bwa. Thankfully this game has been confined to our own home and hasn’t happened in front of visitors yet!
Peekaboo is usually followed by the pretending to breastfeed game. Much like sipping a cup of pretend tea at a kids tea party crazypixie ‘feeds’ without ever actually making contact. I humour her as it means tinyelf can guzzle away in peace without having her ears pulled/fingers inserted up her nose/her hair ’brushed’ with a plastic pig.

Two weeks ago when dealing with the joys of blocked ducts, I had to express quite a bit into bottles I hadn’t had time to sterilise. Instead of wasting my milk I chucked it into crazypixies sippycup and she was delighted. My friends warned me I was living dangerously, but I didn’t see the harm.

Then yesterday…….

I was feeding the elvin boobie monster when little pixie hands pulled down my bwa, pointed to beeboo and handed me her dolly.

Well, what could I do only humour her?

So I now tandem feed one baby and one doll.


mammydiaries said...

lol! Oh Jen! That's so not how I was expecting the story to end! And here I was, looking forward to a tandem feeding buddy:)

artyfeminist said...

I agree! But isn't funny how the older they are the more they seem to develop a fixation with the boobies. Cupcake is constantly at me, pinching my nipples or sticking her head down to my chest with her mouth open. Sometimes she shoves her hand in my bra and roots around like there are sweeties down there or something!

amy said...

lol! I once overheard my two eldest girls playing with their babies with 4year old telling 3year old she had her 'boobie' ready for babies milk! yikes! they learn fast!

SandyCalico said...

LOL What a wonderful post :-)

miss leslieanne said...

hahahahaha :D
really didn't see the story ending that way!