Saturday 5 September 2009

Dress code

I usually dress the girls in the morning but sometimes himself, my mother or my mother-in-law does it.
When this happens I try to leave complete outfits ready but there are rare times when himself or the grannies have to pick the clothes themselves.

So until my girls are choosing their own clothes the following tips will be duck-taped to the wardrobe door.

Tips for dressing my girls

Choosing an outfit

Dress for the occasion:
Jeans/trousers and top are appropriate when going to the pool, the woods, the playground and generally mucking around.
For visits to friends and grandparents or restaurants a pinafore (like dungarees with a skirt bottom), skirt or nice trousers and top will do.
For special occasions like birthday parties a dress is appropriate (not pyjama top and jeans, mum).

Pink, red, orange, purple; pick one and don’t mix it with the others.
White, green, blue, denim can be matched with any of the above.

Are for bedtime only.

Tights and socks:
Should match outfit. See colours.

No matter what your daughter/granddaughter tells you, shoes should be worn in matching pairs.

This is crazypixie’s area of expertise. Let her chose hats, bags and bracelets for everyone.

When you’ve chosen an outfit using the above guidelines, lay it out to make sure it all works together (i.e. she won’t look like a little hooker/homeless child/teletubbie).

Before putting it on the child ask yourself, ‘Is this what my wife/daughter/daughter-in-law would dress her in?’

Always check that the clothes fit and are on properly.

The clothes are inside out if:
The tags are on the outside (take note, husband dear)
The stitching is on the outside.

Clothes are too small if:
Pulling it over her head involves you breaking a sweat and her in tears.
The top finishes above her bellybutton.
The trousers reveal a builders bum when she bends over.
The crotch of the tights is at her knees
Only one of four buttons will close.

If in doubt take a photo of proposed outfit and media message it to Jen for approval.


mammydiaries said...


artyfeminist said...

What no purple and red together?!

Seriously though I dread weekends when Daddy dresses my little one. Today she wore purple patent leather shoes, trouser-like tracksuit bottoms, a striped long sleeve shirt, an Ireland jersey and grey zip top with pink flowers on it.

jen said...

mammydiaries, i presume you're in awe of my complete inability to let someone else make decisions...

artfeminist, sounds like your Dh and mine went to the same school of dressing little girls. does he answer your questioning looks with 'she's grand'?

artyfeminist said...

Oh they definitely went to the Daddy school of embarrassing dressing. But in a strange way I think that he is re-affirming my decision not to gender stereotype by dressing her in those odd clown-like outfits.

Anonymous said...
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