Friday 22 June 2007

Well the weekend is beginning early and from the looks of it there won't be much writing until Mon.

Elfenpants (went through a phase of giving everyone I know Lord of the Rings names - hilarious after a few) is getting married in a mere 3 weeks so the females of the family are heading off on a pampering weekend.

I must have been a little stressed lately as himself was muttering last night about how much i could do with a massage and that he was looking forward to the return of a calmer wife.

Did I snap his head off? Of course I did - I'm premenstrual and therefore entitled to.

As for my heroine (note extra e denotes character as opposed to drug of choice), I've got her out from under the stairs, but not before she had to pee in a boot. She is currently in the pub where I plan on being myself in a very short time.

1 comment:

Baino said...

Ah pampering and a biatchfest. The perfect weekend!
My grandmama! What great aim she has to pee in a boot and not have it giving her away by trickling under the door.